Time to level up



Time to level up

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with Rahshan fitness coach

If you’re looking for a personal fitness trainer who can help achieve your physical and emotional goals, you’ve come to the right place.

Hey, I am Rahshan. I am a level 4 certified personal fitness trainer and fitness coach with over 13 years’ experience. I have taught others how to reach their fitness goals, but I know that one person’s workout is another’s way of life. Whether deep into the depths of your mind and soul or simple home training, my passion is to help you find your passion again!

I can help you build a workout plan that will help you reach your fitness goals. Whether it’s losing weight, toning up, building muscle or just getting fit for the first time in your life, changing your body is one of the most fulfilling things you can do! I have transformed more than 300 clients. Let me help you achieve any fitness goal you have! 


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Client Testimonials

Rahshan has been a great fitness trainer and coach to helped me acheive my health and fitness goal with proper commitment in diet and excercise in a short span of time . With weight loss he gave equal importance to strength trainining. Infact i still continue to follow a healthy life after my transformation . I highly recommend rahshan as his session are challenging yet rewarding and change is noticeable.


I wanted to say it was a great experience with you Rahshan, I remember the time when I couldn’t able to do even 2 push-ups properly , in the beginning you gave me the proper motivation to stick up to the game , and thanks to you it was incredible experience, I mean 104kg to 83kg !! That was something great , it was not only about weight loss , your workout structure sets me on positive mood and it’s makes my days energetic, when I failed on diets all time , you didn’t give up on me , you created a diet personally for me 😁😇, all over it truly was great journey

Really appreciate the fact that you give accurate guidance to everybody around when it comes to fitness

Nafih Baramy

I’m very grateful to My coach Rahshan who made me realise the importance of health ,he is not just a trainer but a person who inspires others to overcome the health issues thru healthy diet and workout .there was times where I felt to give up ,but it was him who motivated me to achieve my goals . I always recommend him to all and he is a best personal trainer ,who understands his client need .


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